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I would never ever add anybody to the map without a request to do so, but if you want to be added to the map, just copy the template below into an email, fill in YOUR details and send it to me. Yes... I know with all this fancy Web 2.0 stuff (of which I'm not aware of) this could be done automagically or something, but doing it manually and via email somehow provides a certain level of control and validity to me. So please forgive me my lack of PHP coding skills and just do it that way (or help me out and code something for me ;-) Don't forget the GPS coordinates of your location or it will be pretty hard for me to locate you... If you don't want your home address to be published you can use your work address (if this is fine with your employer) or the GPS coordinates from the city center. If you don't want any contact details to be shown on the website just leave that line blank. Only the data you want to be published will be stored on this website to protect your privacy and you can request the removal of your entry at any time!

First name: Charlie
Middle name: Francis
Last name: Harper

2 Digit ISO Country Code: AT
Latitude: 47.067
Longitude: 10.467
  For your home or work address, if you want to be this specific. If not, just name your city or something.

Certification ID: #123
Certification: JNCIE-SP, JNCIE-ENT
Contact details: charlie@uebi.net, www.uebi.net
  Or your FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/... Whatever you want or leave it empty and no contact details will be shown.

Do you want your coordinates to be shown on the map: YES/NO
Do you want your contact details to be shown on the map: YES/NO